Trichology Healthcare services

The Consultation includes a scalp analysis, functional blood chemistry analysis, blood typing, and a health scan assessment.  Prior to undergoing scalp treatments or hair loss services, a consultation is required. The consultation is a guideline that helps demonstrates the thinning/loss and will be used to determine treatment. Trichology, is a para-medical science of hair loss , and associated scalp issues. If you have recent blood work or diagnosis from a license, he/she nutritionist please prepare to provide it.

Happy Scalp

The happy scalp, is a service that we will provide you will receive  deep scalp  cleanse & scalp exfoliate a different landscape for your hair follicles, this treatment is a invigorating experience throughout the whole entire scalp. If you are experiencing itchy scalp, flakiness of the scalp, buildup or tenderness, or a red scalp, we recommend that you detox your scalp weekly for at least four to six weeks depending on the condition of your scalp.

 There are directions, for hair rejuvenation, there are a few different systems.

#1 Scalp prep which is used 15 minutes prior to shampooing it will allow you to use 10 to 15 drops do partial parting and runs down to cover most of the head it helps with dandruff or dry scalp.

#2 we have K line base normalizing cleansing shampoo that is used for some of our clients that has alopecia along with a cream conditioner, we also have a hair strengthener that is used to leave in, and which do not spray generously into the hair onto the end it will provide strength and electricity for wet combing heat styling hair also, it can be used on synthetic human hairpieces, wigs and extensions the system is a refresher a conditioner.